european jazz trio

Best of Chopin
M&I MYCJ-30575

track listing

1 Mazurka No.1 (Op.6-1)

2 Waltz No.9 "L'Adieu" (Op.69-1)

3 Fantaisie Impromptu (Op.66)

4 Prelude No.4 (Op.28-4)

5 Prelude No.15 "Raindrop" (Op.28-15)

6 Nocturne No.15 (Op.55-1)

7 Etude No.17 (Op.25-5)

8 Polonaise No.6 "Heroie" (Op.53)

9 Prelude No.20 (Op.28-20)

10 Nocturne No.6 )Op.15-3)

11 Ballade No.1 (Op.23)

12 Prelude No.7 (Op.28-7)

13 Etude No.3

14 Mazurka No.1 (Op.6-1) (Live version)

15 Prelude No.15 "Raindrop" (Op.28-15)

produced by Makoto Mimata and Hiro Yamashita

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